The path runs the length of Redwood City, parallel to Alameda de las Pulgas.  It starts at Massachusetts Ave by Fernside Rd and runs all the way to the Emerald Market, at Canyon Rd and Oak Knoll Dr.

Apart form a short on-road section at the Jefferson-Farm Hill intersection, the route is completely separated from vehicle traffic.  You can walk or ride from one end of Redwood City to the other and hardly see a single car along the way!

Click on the map to zoom in

Click on the map to zoom in to see how the bike path connects to Garrett Park and Westwood Park.

The bike path also connects to the existing bike lanes on Massachusetts Ave at the south, and to the bike routes on Oak Knoll Dr and Cordilleras Rd at the north.  The sections at either end are straight and level, while the section in the middle has some hills (orange arrows indicate the slope).

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