How You Can Help!

Redwood City has wanted to build a bike path along this route for a long time, but the right-of-way is owned by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.  Some sections of the path are closed off and have “no trespassing” signs, while other sections are open.

We’re working with Redwood City to find the best way to get permission and funding for the project.  We’ll post more information here soon on next steps.  In the meanwhile, please post a message of support on the Forum and spread the word to others who would be interested.

2 Responses to How You Can Help!

  1. Gita Dev says:

    Absolutely fabulous plan.

  2. Thomas Lee says:

    I am about to move into a house that is adjacent to the Hetch Hetchy easement so I was interested to learn more about it. It looks like the kind of space that other cities are using creatively to benefit the whole community. I would like to learn more about how I can help turn this bike path (and other ideas like it) into a reality. Thanks!

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